Major Hillard Warren Pouncy, Jr., PhD

Oil on canvas panel, framed. I met Major Pouncey at Maxwell Air Force Base during the dedication of a room to the legacy of the Red Tails; he is the Red Tails’ last living commander. With his kind permission, I felt inspired to paint him. Everyone was so excited about him, including lucky me. He was so pleasantly relaxed, completely focused on whomever he was speaking with as if they were the most important person in the world, as if the honor was his. One by one, we all became very special. He was a living lesson in life on how to treat total strangers like extended family. At 96 years old, he lifted his cane as he approached a small flight of stairs. The room went silent. He ran down the steps youthfully! Once at the bottom, he sat the heel of his cane down squarely and adjusted his tie with swagger. We all looked at one another both astonished and privately cheered. At the time of this writing, three Red Tails remain. I guarantee he's one of them!