Dwayne L. Ahammer is a multi-faceted artist who draws inspiration from personal tragedy and life-changing redemption. Ahammer's art is said to appeal to one's emotions and senses. His natural, yet undeveloped, artistic gifts from his childhood have been re imagined and refined over nearly two decades of training and teaching countless students to embrace their love, appreciation, and inspiration of art.

There's little Ahammer has not experienced in life, but it's in his art that he finds serenity. As a young man, he followed the path that brought darkness, pain, and heartache to those who loved him. He was heavily involved in the rave culture and worked in the illegal drug trade, which led him to receive a federal prison sentence in excess of 20 years. Yet he embraced the challenge by recreating himself and redefining his life's purpose.

Through personal tragedy, Ahammer experienced the joys of a mother's enduring love to travel the path to rebuilding. This American artist holds firm to a notion: "Some of us have to create fortune; this is the essence of art." Tragedy, triumph, redemption, harmony, and a zest for life are the five factors that punctuate his art.

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